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Concrete Contractors in CT

So I know most of my readers and those who visit this blog come for my tasty French cuisine, I also know that a small percentage of you come here for my real estate and my business talk! So for that small part of my population reading this that like this…this is for you!

Recently we renovated a small bakery out in New Haven CT. Our crumbling foundation was growing worse by the day and we were in serious need of a concrete repair contractor. We found and they are the best. Concrete contractors in CT were slow to respond and they mostly do retaining walls. Masonry work can be difficult and we know how hard it is to find someone who works well and we got very lucky this time just with a simple google search.

We spend a ton of time weighing our options when buying a building, and I know a lot of small businesses out there are going through the same thought process, whether to buy or not. And I will say that it has been a great weight off our shoulders to be in control of our own real estate, but not for the faint of heart, crumbling foundations and work that involves any structural nature can really bankrupt even the toughest business people. Thanks for tuning in this week! Any questions please contact us!

Our House to yours

Do you love French food? Then you will love these French recipes!

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